This year the Trials World Cup will again be one of the trial-bike highlights in Austria. We saw so much stunning performances last year, and we are going to be surprised once more by this years athlets.

Beside the main event, there will also take place other MTB-Races called “ASVÖ bike festival”. Stay up to date with the side events in the official program and have a look at the events website.


Located in the South of Upper Austria,  Vöcklabruck is the capital of the same called district “Vöcklabruck”. It is part of Salzkammergut, what is known for it’s beautiful lakes and pre-Alps.

For more information about the town it’s history and touristic information please visit the website of the town:

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This is Trial

Trials is one of the most exciting and spectacular UCI cycling disciplines. Unlike other types of cycling disciplines, Trials is a sport where the main factors are the stability and the control of the bike in extreme situations where speed also plays an important role.

The discipline started in the 1970’s in Europe and grew as an off-shoot of the motorised version of the sport. After several years, it became clear that Trials had more in common with cycling than motorcycling. Thus, since 1985, Trials has been fully integrated discipline at the International Cycling Union and has rapidly developed as a cycling sport.

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